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Webinar: The Myths and Facts of Motivation with Brett Bartholomew and Robert Linkul


To access this webinar please buy it from this page – Webinar: The Myths and Facts of Motivation with Brett Bartholomew and Robert Linkul

The Unseen Details

People tend to react primarily to what is right in front of them. They rarely care to investigate the backstory, the previous struggles, accompanying details or context. Furthermore, the strongest of these reactions from others often comes from reflections of what makes them feel most insecure or uncertain about their own path. Understand the points […]

The Joy and Pain of Writing

It’s been said that writing forces clarity. Maybe that is true, but it also causes countless aspiring wordsmiths to want to punch a hole in their computer screen as well. Count myself amongst them. Despite having just released my book Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In just 9 months ago, I am not someone […]

Ask For Help, Reclaim Your Sanity

It’s not sexy to ask for help. Often times, to the untrained eye, asking for help conveys weakness, a lack of fortitude, a lack of intelligence, a lack of organization or perhaps even all of the above. But none of us get through life without it in some way, shape or form so why do […]

Why “Conscious Coaching” Beats a Systems-Based Approach to Training & People

Many within the field of human performance have enjoyed touting the importance of what is often referred to as a “systems based approach” for quite some time. The proposed utility behind the systems based approach is the level of consistency and therefore, the high-level of cleanliness in which solutions can be applied. This approach allows […]

Moving the Needle: Keys to Personal and Professional Growth in Coaching

Neither your innate level of talent as a professional, nor the nature of your intentions, matter as they pertain to accomplishing what you want out of your career. It’s true. This may seem like something we would tell our athletes before an early morning training session — not to destroy their confidence of course, but […]

Purists vs. Pretenders: Why Coaches Should Do The Work & Not Worry About The Credit

In every venture, there will be vultures. There will always be people who take credit for things they shouldn’t, as well as those who think nearly every idea they have is original. There are those who think THEY are the expert, and those who whine incessantly behind closed doors about how they are not getting […]

Cliques, Controversies, and Combativeness: Some Thoughts For Angry Coaches

“Should I go on the attack or do something that adds value?” A quick scan through the social media accounts of some coaches, or even listening to various podcasts and in-person conversations lately would lead one to believe that this nonsensical question is a choice that some within the field actually struggle to make. By […]

Seven Ways to Rebound from Coaching Mistakes & Bad Training Sessions

In the “age of the expert” in which we currently reside, it is not uncommon to witness some coaches acting as if they have all of the answers and that if a training session goes poorly then the athlete is to blame. Few things could be further from the truth. Regardless of what the internet […]

Know Who You Are Before Doing What You Do: A Brief Thought for Coaches

Regardless of whether or not you are a strength coach or a sport coach it is important to understand that you first need to understand yourself and establish your coaching identity before you every develop a “coaching/training philosophy.” This is hard for most professionals in our field. Many coaches can get up on stage or […]