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Brett Bartholomew is a performance coach, best-selling author and keynote speaker.

His work and research on human behavior, building buy-in and communication has crossed over from the locker room of elite sporting organizations to the boardroom of Fortune 500 companies.

If you believe no subject is more lasting and impactful than learning how to better understand, influence and connect with those you lead, his work is for you.

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Every speaking opportunity, regardless of event size or demographic, is treated as if it is my first and my last. In other words, your interest and invitation is never taken for granted, and will always be prepared for with the utmost care, warmth and attention. I’ve had the honor to present in over 40 countries, for a wide range of audiences which includes Special Forces Units, universities, professional sports teams, strength and conditioning associations, international sporting bodies, as well as for companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Turner. Each presentation focuses on providing the audience with practical takeaways as opposed to theory-heavy rhetoric, and I’m dedicated to making sure that everyone in attendance feels that their questions are not only acknowledged but are answered to the best of my ability.

For more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and my team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. I am also happy to provide speaking references upon request.

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Brett Bartholomew

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  • The ALTIS Team consider Brett to be close family. We were very lucky to share a workspace with Brett for a number of years, and are so proud to see him now sharing with the public what we were lucky enough to experience every day! At ALTIS, we have always felt that a progressive, open-source model of education was the way forward. It is clear that Brett - and his ‘Conscious Coaching’ Movement - is on the same page. He’s more than a great coach and educator; Brett is a leader. And we are lucky to have him.

    ALTIS Coaching Staff
  • Brett has a tremendous ability to give valuable advice to coaches with decades of experience, while at the same time helping young, emerging leaders establish a foundation built on good communication skills that will enable to them to effectively lead diverse teams.  His ability to clearly articulate sound principles and approaches in person is matched by his great written work which provides an enduring guide to help leaders better understand their people and themselves.   I am so thankful for the insight and life journey that he has shared with us.

    COL Mark Ray Deputy Military Athletic Director, Army West Point Athletic Department
  • Brett Bartholomew offers insight into a truly valuable coaching and leadership model in which compelling authority runs thin but influence and interpersonal skills are paramount. I’ve known Brett for over decade and his professionalism, expertise, coaching ability make him the perfect person for any coaching or leadership role.

    Rob Bollinger Colonel, U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Brett Bartholomew is one of the leaders of our profession today. He understands that the strength & conditioning industry is part ‘art’ and part ‘science.’

    Dave Tenney High Performance Director/Orlando Magic
  • Brett Bartholomew is one of the best in the business. He’s high-energy, he’s passionate, and he’ll push you to get better.

    Dave Puloka Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Miami Dolphins

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