Webinar Preview 

Foundations of Program Design: Part 2

This highly detailed webinar builds off of the information shared in Part 1 of our program design series and focuses primarily on ballistic methods of training. More specifically, we discuss the research concerning ballistic methods and the unique role that medicine ball training plays in force expression across a wide range of sports and activities. The webinar includes numerous high-resolution videos that showcase unique exercises that you can include in your training program, as well as a detailed breakdown of exercise classifications, set and rep prescriptions and answers as to where it all fits within your programming.

Regardless of whether you are more of a visual learner who wants things simplified, or if you are someone who likes diving into the more technical aspects and scientific background- this webinar will have something for you!

*All sales final.

  • Length: 51:07:00
  • Cost: $30, All Sales Final