Communication and Leadership Strategy Summit 2021



Let’s face it, the pandemic caught us all off guard. It knocked us off our game. But now it’s time to move forward.

Leaders from every field are navigating new challenges and having more difficult conversations than ever before.

Whether it’s figuring out how to work most effectively from home, motivate remote teams, provide value in new ways, or even pivot a career, the last twelve months have left us with more questions than answers.

Until now…

History has shown us that when it comes to problem-solving we have to look beyond what’s right in front of us. We have to challenge our own biases and learn from other fields. We need to cross-collaborate and use those lessons to enhance our own skills.

This summit does that and more.

Featuring leading professionals from military to medical, we will be tackling the toughest social issues, strategic communication, and real leadership problems.

This is not your traditional collection of dry powerpoints. These are real conversations with world-class experts offering essential and applicable communication tactics to maneuver our new reality.


  1. Edward Coughlan: “Behavior Change Through Interrogation”
  2. Andrew Leslie: “Future Proof Your Business With Design Thinking”
  3. Kelly Starrett: “A Peek Behind The Curtain: Strategies for Entrepreneurship”
  4. Matt Jordan:So, You Want to Build a Holacracy? Learn to Follow Before You Lead”
  5. Nicolai Morris:Calm Down, You’re Being Emotional: How to Lead Like a Women in a Man’s World”
  6. Sarah Kelleher:Finding Flow: Calm in the Chaos The Power of Self-Expression, Creativity & Purposeful Play”
  7. Carl Coward:Lessons from the Board Room – Communication Do’s and Don’ts in High Powered Meetings”
  8. Rudy Inaba: “Why Perception Matters – Building Value by Dropping Ego”
  9. Rachel Llanes:Don’t Buy the Brain’s Bull****: How The Brain Lies To Us & What To Do About It”
  10. Brett Bartholomew: “Q&A: Ask Me Anything”


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