Being a hands-on coach is home and hearth to who I am and what I believe in. Few things replace first-hand experience and the lessons that come as a direct result of working with others. While many coaches discuss their “philosophy,” I’ve instead always focused more on values. Contact us to schedule your Conscious Coaching™ performance training and coach development seminar.


pecifically, it’s my opinion that effective coaching in the performance world is about figuring out an athlete’s purpose and matching it with an evidence-based process. It is about fundamentals, not fluff. There are no “tricks” or quick fixes for enhancing performance over the long-term, and while commitment and consistency may not be convenient- both are necessary linchpins if the athlete hopes to achieve a long, healthy and productive career.

Simply put, the lessons I have learned throughout my career working with athletes of all kinds, across a wide variety of settings, have taught me that coaches need to be adaptable, not dogmatic.

Coaching is chess, not checkers. It is far more complex than most think, and it requires a commitment to learning how to operate flexibly across a multitude of chaotic situations and circumstances while putting your ego to the side.

Adopting this multi-directional management approach is my definition of the term “Conscious Coaching” as it requires a 360° view and awareness of the countless variables that can influence the performance environment and the outcomes we hope to achieve.

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  • When it comes to MMA, there are many facets to it. Getting not only the proper strength training, but also the proper coaching in general can be very challenging. Brett was not only able to meet my needs as an athlete from both a physiological and psychological standpoint, he far exceeded them.

    Rashad Evans MMA Fighter
  • Brett Bartholomew is one of the best in the business. He’s high-energy, he’s passionate, and he’ll push you to get better.

    Dave Puloka Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Miami Dolphins
  • Brett Bartholomew is one of the leaders of our profession today. He understands that the strength & conditioning industry is part ‘art’ and part ‘science.’

    Dave Tenney High Performance Director/Orlando Magic
  • Brett Bartholomew offers insight into a truly valuable coaching and leadership model in which compelling authority runs thin but influence and interpersonal skills are paramount. I’ve known Brett for over decade and his professionalism, expertise, coaching ability make him the perfect person for any coaching or leadership role.

    Rob Bollinger Colonel, U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Brett has given me the best years of my football career. Athletes want a coach who not only makes them better physically, but who understands our world and communicates in a real way.

    Patrick Chung Two-Time Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots
  • The ALTIS Team consider Brett to be close family. We were very lucky to share a workspace with Brett for a number of years, and are so proud to see him now sharing with the public what we were lucky enough to experience every day! At ALTIS, we have always felt that a progressive, open-source model of education was the way forward. It is clear that Brett - and his ‘Conscious Coaching’ Movement - is on the same page. He’s more than a great coach and educator; Brett is a leader. And we are lucky to have him.

    ALTIS Coaching Staff
  • Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Dave Puloka Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Dolphins
  • Dion von Moltke Professional Race Car Driver
  • Andre Berto Professional Boxer / Three Time Welterweight World Champion
  • Adam Feit Director of Sports Performance for Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT).
  • Jim Kiritsy Director of Strength and Conditioning: Kennesaw State Football
  • Ron Mckeefery Vice President of Performance & Education at PLAE
  • Antone Exum NFL Safety
  • Rob Bollinger U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Sue Falsone Owner, S&F: Structure and Function
  • Loren Landow Owner & Head Performance Coach: Landow Performance