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Regardless of the population, you work with, or the vocation you are in- challenging personas are everywhere! You may or may not work with athletes, but leaders in countless professions deal with the same problems.

We also can’t forget the fact that we too play a role in the conflicts we encounter, though not in the ways you may think.

This video adds the strategies shared in my book, our online courses, and our live workshops with respect to better understanding the motives, drives, and biases of others so that we can ultimately get them to take action and change their behaviors.

If you are truly interested in becoming a more effective leader, you need to watch this video and reflect upon the challenges we discuss ASAP. The points made are just a small sample of the complexities we need to consider.

We understand the messaging shared within may be challenging, and also may include some pointers you might not agree with, so feel free to share below!

Context is everything.

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