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Over the years I have been vehemently against doing a podcast, but after talking to many of you about leadership, coaching, management..etc my passion for educating on the “little things that go unnoticed” was reinvigorated and I decided that It was really important to make what I know available in every medium possible. So I’m doing a podcast. On this first episode I sit down to talk about what you can expect from me on here and what I aim to accomplish and what is going to make this podcast different. Please feel free to share your thoughts or questions. I am reachable via email at info@artofcoaching.comon Instagram and I would love to hear from you.

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  • Joe Minichino

    Loved this! Looking forward to more of this! Love bought in and this will be the icing on the cake!

    Thanks, Coach!

  • Adam Yurevich

    Hey coach, I’m super excited about this podcast great first episode, as a coach personally I don’t relate to the traditoonal strength coach so I’m glad you plan to have some diverse topics

  • Cathy Hambly

    Glad to hear your podcast ! Can’t wait to listen in more!

    Suggested topic :
    What happens when a client/athlete doesn’t buy in and leaves you and how to deal with the fall out ie: not blaming yourself for it and going over what you could have done better and/or trying to let go.


  • Rob Jackson

    Thanks Brett! Looking forward to this! I am finishing up your book now, and am thrilled someone is finally bringing coaching into a true light; the ability to connect, influence, and bring positive change to someone’s life…in a not so perfect way.

  • Matt Kite

    Great stuff Brett! I’m excited you got a podcast started, both for you and the industry. Looking forward to following episodes.

  • Cara

    Hi Brett,

    I REALLY ENJOYED THIS, I’m not big on pod carts- however now see the positive value. I’m so hectic in life with 3 children, a husband, work as a trainer, pilates and yoga teacher, we also run a air conditioning business – by the end of the day my brain is DEAD! my eyes are dry , they just want to close, reading and study is not productive but better than not doing . This way I cmjust lay in the dark and listen before going to sleep, I loved it. Loved how it is to be used as a slant free zone too! Super important.

  • Rudy Natera

    Not done with the book! However you’re correct in it’s value to any endeavor. Thanks.

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