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On Episode 8 of the Art Of Coaching podcast I am joined by my long time friend Molly Binetti to talk about being a Pro strength and conditioning coach. If you aren’t familiar with Molly she is the head strength and conditioning coach for the South Carolina Women’s basketball program. Before accepting this position she also worked at University of Louisville and Purdue University.

Molly is straight up on the best coaches I know and the reason I think she separates herself is because of her unparalleled standards of professionalism. Check out this episode to gain some insight from Molly on how to be a pro and put it into practice in your gym, weight room or board room today.

Topics Covered On The Show

  • Molly’s background
  • How the way Molly was raised translated into being a pro coach
  • Taking criticism
  • The social media talk: how do you handle criticism and how do you filter what you share
  • Gaining validation for methods
  • How to have effective self evaluation
  • If you were fired today what is your back up plan
  • Where are coaches not investing enough of their time
  • What is the part of coaching that is over thought
  • What does the term buy in mean
  • What are characteristics of a good coach

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