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This could have been a post about what this “unique exercise” could do for your performance and/or body.

It could have been a post where I go on and on about muscles worked and how it will “transform” your life and mindset.

But that’s not what kind of post it is because that’s now what training is about for me.

Training is a tool that teaches people what they’re capable of. It’s something that helps them overcome.

That’s what this post is about.

It’s been a hard last few days for our family.

We suddenly lost our young pup, (2nd dog lost in ~6 months), who was our baby’s best friend, and that’s on top of the massive changes everyone is facing during this time.

The saving grace for me during this time is of course my family, my work and training.

While it’s been admittedly difficult keeping my mind clear while grieving the unexpected loss, adding in more technical exercises from my old playbook that challenge me in different ways helps.

We can all get caught going back to our default when times get tough, but the reality is that when you’re struggling is when you need to keep leaning into the challenge or the unknown itself.

What can’t be cured must be endured.

Our world is NOT made better by people not openly talking about the things they struggle with.

Our lives are NOT made better by seeking out safety and avoiding hardship.

Our relationships with ourselves or others are NOT made better by putting on any sort of front or facade.

What leads to improvement in all things is openness to experience, persistence and yes- as sappy as it sounds, a little bit of faith.

We may not get our pup back, but we have a beautiful baby boy, a business we believe in, and a community of people within the @aocoaching family, as well as in our personal lives who value transparency and openness.

All of the above lends insight into the fact that things will ultimately be OK as long as you don’t hide from what challenges you, and embrace life head on by continually doing the best you can in the moment.

Struggle begets strategy- keep going.

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