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  1. Jeremy Sheppelman

    Incredible book! I was lucky enough to intern at EXOS while Brett was a coach there and he was working on his book. Even though I learned so much from him it only made me realize there was so much more to learn. So grateful that he is who he is and put the time in amongst everything else he does to give us this material. How he connects with athletes and manages groups in person is nothing short of mastery. My apprenticeship has been accelerated by being able to see it! This book gave me a look deeper inside of his mind and helped me organize alot of what I saw on top of giving me so much to use in my experiences thus far in the field. Thank you Brett! Anyone who is looking to be a better coach, this book is a must read! Not to beat a dead horse but you can study programming and exercise science all you want, if you can’t deliver information in a way people want to utilize it then it’s just going to sit there. Think of your information like a manual transmission prestine classic muscle car that you built. If you can only drive an automatic, well…. you get the idea. This book and his course will put you in the drivers seat!

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