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ON June 18, 2015   |   BY Mike Robertson

Brett Bartholomew is a sports performance coach at EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance), and heads up their entire NFL off-season development program.

Brett is a guy whom I greatly respect, and someone that I think is really pushing the world of coaching to the next level.

Show Notes

Here’s a brief overview of our show:

  • A powerful story from Brett’s youth that has shaped his life tremendously.
  • What a “typical day” looks like for Brett at EXOS.
  • How Brett gets as much as possible done with his athletes, given the short period of time he may actually see them.
  • The biggest issues Brett sees with the athletes he trains.
  • Brett’s feelings on coaching, and why we aren’t discussing coaching enough within our industry.
  • How Brett defines a good coach.
  • The advice would Brett would give an up-and-coming coach who wants to be great.
  • What advice Brett would give his younger self to be even more successful in life.
  • The super-popular “Lightning Round.”

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