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I often joke that I have just the right amount of self-

The nature of me and my wife’s family owned
business requires me to put out and share a
a tremendous amount of content, both free and paid.

This also means I have to hear my voice and
see my face constantly, which is something I
abhor, but also have had to come to terms with as a
the reality of the job.

There’s more good than bad because it tests me
constantly and brings to mind the “man in the
arena” quote from Roosevelt.

But the fact is, dark thoughts related to
disappointment still crops in, so I wanted to record
this for you in hopes it brings solace and

Give the video a quick watch, and let us know if
you’ve ever felt the same way in the comments or


  • Tyler Johnston

    For me, I am my own harshest critic. When in school for nearly 18 years, my work felt validated when I got a good grade. Now I’m the one grading my own work and how often do I give myself an A? I’m not sure and I know this isn’t the ideal way about it. I’m getting more into the mindset that if I put my work out there and someone connects with it, then that is a job well done by me.

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