Why Wasting Time Can Be The Most Productive Thing You Can Do

Just like many of you who are dealing with your own unique obstacles related to the pandemic, weekends this year have often turned into extensions of the work-week in an entirely different way!

Even before the pandemic, many of us work weekends, so there are no “badges of honor” to give out for the glorification of being busy or any other nonsense.

My wife and I woke up today, looked at our usual “to-do” list of items related to several key projects we are both working on, including my doctoral work, a house that could use some cleaning, and about 20 other things we are hopelessly behind on right now; and you know what we decided to do today regardless?

We decided not to do any of it.

Yep, we decided after working during the majority of the weekends this year that we would take this Saturday together, throw the standard definition of “productivity” out the window, and have some fun.

Listen, I get it- the consensus in “leadership culture” these days is that there is always work to be done. We get told by every book, podcast, and “influencer” that we must be industrious during nearly every waking hour with meticulously planned schedules, priorities, goals, check-ins, and the like.

But people have forgotten that our most extraordinary insights often come during the downtime we are told to abhor and abstain from stridently.

I’m tired of this nonsensical “one size fits all” advice permeating nearly every aspect of our lives, aren’t you?

And if you think I am going against what “history” or “the research” shows- think again.

Many of the most brilliant minds in history knew how to “waste” time in their own right, and they did so prodigiously because they knew once they returned to their work they would do so with a fresh eye, and perhaps even a new perspective.

The research backs this notion of “incubation periods.”
So relax, take some time for something that a previous or current version of yourself would think is a “waste.”

You might be surprised by the after-effects if you let the facade, worry, anxiety, and overall productivity pretentiousness go for a little while.

By the way…

*If you’re someone who appreciates getting things done, but has your fair share of chaotic days that can’t be solved by the same old “productivity culture” tips we see everywhere- check this out

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